Setting up Email/Text Events for Time & Attendance

Craig Conners
4 months agoSeptember 23, 2021
Can  you set up a notification for those employees who were approved for time off to notify manager on the day when the employees are out of the office.
Stephen Leitz
4 months agoSeptember 23, 2021
@Craig Conners; unfortunately our email/text events only include: 
A) When the employee puts the request through.
B) When the request is approved.
C) When the request is denied.

The Manager can use their Calendar Widget to see who is out of work for the day by looking at the "View Time & Attendance Calendar" option. It will show "Absent". If the manager hovers their mouse over the Absent item on the calendar, they will be able to see the names of the folks who are out on PTO for the day. I hope this helps!
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