Manager Self Service- How to do a Performance Review on an Employee

Gee Kay
about 3 years agoSeptember 12, 2019
The video (around 1:43) says the ratings are between 1 to 5 rating categories and it also mentions that the ratings are in the order shown. Is this correct? The drop-down list seems to be in the ascending order by alphabet but not necessarily by the "rating". If we were to go by the audio, would "Achieves Expectations" be a higher rating than either "Exceeds expectations" or "Distinguished performance"? Could you please send me actual ratings in correct order? My email address is: gk646423 at gmail dot com
Stephen Leitz
about 3 years agoSeptember 12, 2019
Hey Gee, 

Thank you for your question and for watching this on-demand! You're absolutely correct on your logic as the Ratings are in alphabetical order. From a performance management perspective; exceeds expectations is the highest rating you can give. Achieves means they meet all the expectations. Distinguished performance can mean they're in the middle. 

Here is the order they're probably in from a performance standpoint:
-Exceeds Expectations (5)
-Achieves Expectations (4)
-Distinguished Performance (3)
-Needs Improvement (2)
-Unsatisfactory Performance (1)

Also; your administrator can adjust the names of these and customize these by going to Maintenance--> Human Resources --> Performance Review Ratings. 

I hope these have been helpful and thank you for your time!
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